Saturday 19 February 2011

The Engine Room

Section through the ship, looking forwards.

These two images are my speculative reconstruction of the engine rooms of Erebus and Terror. The structure of the ship is based on the plans in the National Maritime Museum and the engine is based on SC Brees's drawings of what I believe to be the type of locomotive used. The engine is cradled by a substantial cast-iron framework supported by pillars. The two water tanks provide a platform for the engine's operators as well as serving their usual purpose Based on contemporary practices, the forwards thrust of the propeller is transmitted through the propeller shaft and the engine's driving axle to a thrust bearing supported by a cast-iron pillar bolted to ship's keel. Many details have been left out, for example, the pipe to allow waste steam to be vented to the open air, and the substantial timbers to make up the spare rudder which also shared the compartment. I hope it will not be too many years before the accuracy of my guesses can be tested against real evidence from one of the ships.

View of the engine room, looking towards the stern.

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